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BA Power Struggle Continues

Booted ex-Black Africa's interim chairman, Cassius Moetie. Image: NAMPA
Black Africa Sports Club is in good hands, but not those of Cassius Moetie, said the club's 'new interim chairperson' Wilhelm //Goagoseb as the fight for control continued on Thursday.
The club's supporters should disregard any and all utterances made by Moetie about Black Africa, including his call for an urgent meeting with them in Windhoek tomorrow, he cautioned.

Moetie called for the meeting “to properly inform the supporters about the sudden leadership crisis within the interim executive committee” following his removal as acting chairperson. He claims to have been improperly relieved of his duties last week.

However, //Goagoseb said the move was above board and in keeping with “a decision at their first meeting held on 29 October 2019 to rotate the leadership of the club, in particular the interim chairperson and deputy chairperson”. Moeti was appointed BA's interim head, with Browney Mutrifa his deputy, in the aftermath of former owner Ranga Haikali's exit last year.

Moetie, who was replaced with Goagoseb at the interim executive committee's (IEC) 25 February meeting, believes that his continued opposition to how the Namibia Premier League is run and support for the Namibia Football Association in the two bodies' ongoing battle is behind the purported axing. Doris Lamperth was promoted from ordinary member to deputy chairperson, with Mutrifa assuming her role.

“Therefore, Mr Moetie is not mandated to call a supporters' meeting and/or to address supporters; BSC IEC distances itself from the particular meeting as well as decisions that may emanate from such meeting. The meeting is thus not validated by BSC IEC,” //Goagoseb said in a statement.

“BSC IEC calls on its supporters not to attend the meeting planned by Mr Moetie, and herewith assures its supporters that there is no leadership crisis within the club; the interim committee stands by its decision,” he continued.

“As mentioned in earlier meetings with supporters, BSC IEC also assurers its supporters that the IEC is hard at work and will in due time, call an annual general meeting where supporters in good standing with the club, will nominate and elect their leaders as shared at the supporters' meeting on 26 January 2020 and 8 February 2020.”

Contacted for comment yesterday, Moetie insists the meeting will proceed as advertised on Sunday at Immanuel Shifidi Secondary School in Windhoek from 15h00. "Everything that needs to be said will be discussed at this meeting and then we see the way forward as decided by the supporters," he said. The 26 January meeting “was merely an information session” on Haikali's exit “as well as to introduce the new interim committee”, //Goagoseb said.

“This meeting was not used as a platform to select the new interim committee, and no approval or endorsement of the new interim committee was sourced at this platform. In fact, for an election to take place, supporters in good standing will participate in the elective process by way of submitting nominations,” he said. “The IEC calls on its rank and file to remain calm and be assured that the club is in good hands.”

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