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Moetie Rallies Black African Supporters To Fight Back

Cassius Moetie still regards himself as Black Africa's interim chairperson. Image: NAMPA
Cassius Moetie still regards himself Black Africa's interim executive committee chairperson until the club's supporters decide otherwise. That decision is expected to be made at “an urgent supporters" meeting on Sunday” afternoon at Immanuel Shifidi Secondary School in Windhoek.

Moetie reportedly claims his fellow executives staged a coup during a recent meeting from which he was absent. He says his purported removal is linked to his continued opposition to how the Namibia Premier League is run and his support for the Namibia Football Association in the two bodies' ongoing power struggle.

“The purpose of the meeting is to properly inform the supporters, who are the legitimate owners of Black Africa Sport Club, about the sudden leadership crisis within the interim executive committee,” Moetie said in a statement. He said the supporters in January endorsed his position on the interim committee, installed after new Namibia Football Association president Ranga Haikali vacated his chairmanship of the club last year.

At the club's annual general meeting on 26 January, the supporters also approved Browney Mutrifa (vice chairperson), Debbie Hobexas (executive secretary) and ordinary members Scara Khaiseb, Doris Lamperth, Lakka //Goagoseb and Boni Paulino as part of the interim executive. BA Netball Club chairperson Rebekka //Goagoses-Nekundi, was also appointed to the interim executive committee as per AGM resolution.

However, reports on the leadership tussle earlier this week stated that Moetie had been replaced with // Goagoseb, while Lamperth was bumped up to deputy chair. “It is against the background of this unfortunate leadership crisis that the urgent BA supporters' meeting is called for Sunday, 8 March 2020 at 15h00, for the BA supporters to receive first-hand information about the crisis within its interim executive committee,” Moetie said.

He urged the club's “supporters to further take a firm decision about its position regarding the incapacitated Namibia Premier League that remains indefinitely suspended by the Namibia Football Association at the expense of players who just want to play football”.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, the NPL moved to quash suggestions that its NFA-defying faction plans to establish a breakaway competition. Such an establishment would require that the NPL cede its NFA membership and effectively play bush football. NPL public relations officer Andre Gariseb branded it “malicious fake news” and that they “strongly reject the baseless claims”.

“It is deeply disappointing that anybody would find it in their right-mind to fabricate such reckless nonsense with clear attempts to tarnish not only the good repute of the respective members of the NPL executive and the BoG, but also the entire football fraternity. Although suspended, the NPL remains a fully recognised member of the NFA,” Gariseb stated. The NPL remains reluctant to comply with NFA instruction. “NPL finds it more compelling to uphold and work within the guiding principles of its constitution. Without rule the established order of our football is at risk.

Equally, playing outside the rules would create disorder, which could potentially destroy the good of the game,” said Gariseb. “Moving forward, the League is preparing an urgent BoG meeting to reflect on the NFA Congress sanction suspension and deliberate on the way forward to resolve the prevailing impasse.”
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