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Kasaona And Noreses Attends CAF Course In R.S.A

Uerikondjera Kasaona and Eveline Noreses attending a CAF Instructors Course in South Africa. Photo credit: SAFA
The Confederation of African Football (CAF) is organizing a Zonal Women Instructors course for the COSAFA region, which will be hosted in South Africa from the 5th – 11th Match 2020 at the Hilton Hotel in Sandton.

The course is aimed at introducing new female instructors to the region, building women instructor capacities and benefit from those instructors to help develop women’s football in the COSAFA region. Each member association in COSAFA had to nominate two delegates to attend the course and NFA delegated Former Brave Gladiators captain and player Uerikondjera Kasaona and Eveline Noreses. Kasaona is the current head coach of the Namibia Women’s National u/20 team affectionately known as the Young Gladiators.

Kasaona highlighted the first day of the course as very educative, informative and quite the learning experience. “today was more about the vision and objectives of COSAFA and CAF on wanting to empower women coaches, instructors, and to have more girls playing football, taking part in competition not only at school levels but major competitions and tournaments organized by the two bodies.

The course also touched on preparing a coach from being a coach to becoming a coach Instructor” said Kasaona. She further thanked the NFA for the opportunity and said that having more women Instructors in the country will help empower young girls to play football and it will help develop women’s football in the country.

The course has a total of 19 participants and Some of the topics that will be covered include:

Management of a Women Team; reality-based learning and evaluation procedures; Profile and role of the instructor; Match analysis – during and after; Team Programming – in season/out of season; Talent identification; Case study: Women’s Football in COSAFA.
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