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Quarantined Rugby Players Keep Busy At Hardap Dam

Five players of Namibia's National Rugby Team in self-quarantine for 14 days
Five players of Namibia's Senior National Rugby Team were among the passengers who landed at the Hosea Kutako International Airport in Windhoek last Wednesday. The five players, Darryl de la Harpe, Cliven Loubser, Prince Gaoseb, Andre Rademeyer and Lesley Klim were active for their respective professional clubs abroad, namely Jersey Red and Carnegie.

After returning from the UK to Namibia last week, they were sent to the Hardap Dam resort in the south for a 14-day quarantine period. Since the players have been under quarantine they have been keeping busy and making sure to work on their fitness. Running a few kilometres a day, using rather unusual equipment to do their “gym exercises” while also encouraging their fellow Namibians who are with them in quarantine.

The players and other Namibians are given three meals and water everyday. They are screened every second day and have been provided with two social workers with whom they can communicate if need be. Between the five of them they each try to bring something to the table for example, braaing, motivation, making one another laugh or coming up with different exercises.

Through whatsapp and related means, the NBC Sport team received a few words from Rademeyer and de la Harpe, who reached out to the public. "Namibia we know it’s a difficult time now and change is never easy, but together can get through. Let's abide to the rules, stay at home, wash your hands and let's help each other by just listening to each other"de la Harpe said.

" Let’s keep safe, keep inside don’t mingle to much in big crows. Let’s stay off the streets and only go out when it’s really necessary. Let’s all be mindful of what we do”Rademeyer said. None of the five players have thus far shown any coronavirus symptoms and every sundown they get to experience the beautiful view together.
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