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Torga Optical Is Official Sponsor For Cricket Namibia

Jana and Annalia from Torga Optical with Eagles player, Tangeni Lungameni.
Cricket Namibia is pleased to announce Torga Optical Namibia as the official ‘eyecare partner’ for The Eagles. Vision is very important for high performance sportsmen, and thus Cricket Namibia identified a need for an eyecare partner. Torga Optical will sponsor the Eagles sunglasses and eye testing for a two-year period, 2020 and 2021.

Jana Kotze, Owner of Torga Optical Namibia:  “We are incredibly proud to be partnering with Cricket Namibia for 2020 and 2021 taking care of the Eagles visual needs. Vision plays an important role in all sports. Healthy eyes and vision are extremely important for optimum sports performance. For a sportsman and woman, vision is much more than simply seeing clearly.

Several important visual skills can affect how well you play your sport. We look forward working with the team and coaching staff. The Eagles are going from strength to strength and we wish them a great year ahead. “
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