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Fans Are Watching Repeatedly Shitembi’s Set-pieces

Nimble feet: Shitembi has provided 3 assists in four matches for Sabah and 2 of them came from corners.
PETALING JAYA: The M-League may have been halted for two months now, but there is no stopping people in Sabah from watching Petrus Shitembi’s set-pieces, especially his corner-kicks.
The Malaysian Football League (MFL) have shared video clips on his exploits and in the last video, the man known as “The Dancing Shoes” comes close to scoring directly from a corner in their 2-2 draw against Perak in Kota Kinabalu.

In the video, Shitembi does his little jig before sending a left-footed shot that curl wickedly into the far corner of the net, before the goalkeeper just tips it over. The video can be seen on MFL’s Instagram page, but also you can watch a short version on Sportfeedo.

The Malaysian Football League may have been halted for two months now, but there is no stopping people in ⁩Sabah from watching ⁦Petrus Shitembi’s set-pieces, especially his corner-kicks. He nearly scored one from a corner too.

Such is his accuracy that the 28-year-old has made himself a key player in the Sabah line-up, and coach Kurniawan Dwi Yulianto’s favourite in set-pieces. Shitembi has provided three assists in four matches, and two of them came from corners. “I guess it just comes with doing it as often as I possibly can, ” said the modest Shitembi.

“It does feel good to be recognised for that, but the hard work has to continue. The league is set to resume in September, and I am preparing myself for that.” Sabah, the Premier League champions, are currently placed fourth in the 12-team standings with five points from four matches and will need all the goals they can get in the crammed schedule in the seven-match resumption of the season.

“At the moment, nothing much has been discussed by the teams on the league.“We are still on our home training schedules, so that helps but really can’t wait to get back on the field again.“I think the most important thing for us would be consistency because for sure there won’t be much time to rectify things, so we just need to knuckle down and have a good go at it.”

Shitembi admits he is missing his loved ones back in Namibia, but thanks to technology, he has been able to keep in touch with them.“I speak to them mostly over WhatsApp, audio and video calls. I just thank God they are well.“My priority now is to finish the league in a very respectable position.”

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