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Young Zimbo's Striker Josh Masara Joins Chelsea Academy

Young Josh Masara pose with Chelsea's Jersey #9 .
The Zimbabwe national football, the Warriors, could be known for their big stage disappointments which can be testified by the team’s failure to break the jinx of qualifying for the prestigious FIFA World Cup but the future certainly looks bright for the country after English Premier League side, Chelsea FC, last Friday signed Josh Masara (8), a talented young Zimbabwean.

Josh based in the UK, has officially been signed by the prestigious Chelsea Academy. The good news was revealed by Star FM radio’s Yvonne Mangunda who said that Josh signed with Chelsea yesterday. Mangunda said Josh is so promising that he also received had an offer from Arsenal, but opted for Chelsea.

Josh Masara pictured with the parent. Photo: Zidannes Sports School
Although not much about Josh is known including his age, sources told the Zimbabwean media that he is an avid under-10 who shows enough potential to rival the great Peter Ndlovu. Zimbabwe lacks prestigious sports academies that groom talent at a young age, and many sports analysts believe that a lot of world-class talent is going to waste due to lack of exposure to facilities at a young age.

Here are the photos of Josh as after signing on the dotted line: Meanwhile, a video also available on a sports Facebook page shows what skill Josh has got. Watch the video below:

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