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NFA Demands Outstanding Money From NPL

NFA Lawyers Demand Outstanding Money From NPL As League Battles to Stay Afloat.
The Namibia Football Association (NFA) is in the process of instructing its lawyers to invoice and demand close to N$800 000 from the suspended Namibia Premier League (NPL) in outstanding payments emanating from the High Court and Supreme Court cases, which the local football association both won.

Speaking to New Era Sport at the weekend, NFA president Ranga Haikali made it public that the football federation has instructed its lawyers to consolidate invoices and immediately demand an estimated amount of more than N$780 000 from the already financially-strapped NPL. In February this year, the suspended NPL approached the Windhoek High Court seeking to have its suspension annulled and after hearing the matter, the High Court dismissed the case, citing lack of jurisdiction to preside over a football-related matter.

But the league did not stop there, as it proceeded to appeal the High Court decision with the Supreme Court, which is the country's highest court of last resort, and again the Supreme Court cited lack of jurisdiction and advised that the NPL rather approach a court of sports matters, in this instance the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) in Switzerland. The NPL has since approached CAS for refuge.
With the NFA having succeeded at both the High Court and Supreme Court, the association is now demanding in full all outstanding money owed to it by the NPL, which a couple of weeks ago had to send its workers home after having reduced their monthly salaries.
This publication has also established that some NPL employees have not yet received two months salaries and when they will receive their wages remains unknown given the league's precarious financial state. Given the league's fiscal state of affairs, it remains to be seen whether or not the NFA will succeed in recouping all its outstanding money. Commenting on the matter yesterday, NPL chairperson Patrick Kauta said the league will only comment once the matter is fully resolved by the tax office and a final amount is presented to them. "The figure can only be ascertained in law after taxation. 

The NFA instructed their lawyers who in turn served a notice of taxation. Once the Registrar determines the date of taxation and the eventual allocator is issued, the NPL will be in a position to comment further on this issue," said Kauta.
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