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Adebayor Courts Another Namibian Woman

The former Asernal striker,  Emmanuel Adebayor is dating a new Namibian woman, Geneva Tashiya 
Togolese international footballer Emmanuel Adebayor (36 ) dating another new woman who is also a Namibian boom-shell this comes after he broke off the entanglement with Big Brother Africa 8 (The Chase) winner, Dillish Mathews. The former Arsenal striker who also played for Turkish club Kayserispor, made the revelation about his break up with the Namibian beauty during an Instagram chat with his followers last year.

delish mathews
Dillish Mathews & Adebayor celebrate Anniversary on November 6, 2018
Emmanuel Adebayor in his post on Instagram revealed who is currently the ''Okabolotoo, from what we’ve learned this beautiful brunette woman is a new girlfriend. He further stated that the relationship with Dillish Mattews is completely done and there will be no rebounding back in fact they’ve already unfollowed each other and have both also deleted photos of each other from their personal Instagram. It rumoured that Adebayor was also dragged into triangle affairs after Meriam Kaxuxwena aka (MK) allegedly trying to snatch him from Dellish.

The confrontation made Dillish and her groupie DJ Seboa publicly threatening to beat the super model, Meriam Kaxuxwena. The two allegedly attacked MK, pulling her wig off, broke her nails and phone at Pharaohs nightclub in Windhoek.

From what we know now, this new lady Adebayor is gushing over is also hailed from the land of the Braves, she uses the username Geneva.crow.

Geneva is a food blogger although she likes to call herself a content food creator. It seems, Adebayor enjoys dating Namibian girls and we can’t wait for an official announcement from him but his caption doesn’t suggest she’s just a friend.

How to appreciate the beauty of a woman: First, close your eyes without any lust or sexual desire, then feel the softness of her body, her delicate hands, her eyes, her lips, her breasts, her thighs. Second, soak your soul in her mind, feel the vortex of her inner needs and desires, listen to the rhythmic sound of her joys and sorrows, and tiptoe on the matrix of her dreams and longings. As soon as you imagine and understand these nuances in a woman, you’ll immediately feel a strange sensation of warmth and nurturing presence, almost maternal, like a gentle breeze in the sea or the fragrance of flowers in the forest. You see, her beauty does not reside in her physical appearance—whoever she is and no matter how she looks—because she, the woman herself, is the definition, the embodiment, and the birthplace of beauty.Geneva Tashiya

 Adebayor had an on and off relationship with Dillish Mattews but we guess they are really done this time around. Check out Adebayor's hot new girlfriend below, and the Instagram profile of this new girl Geneva.

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