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NPL Withdraw A Case From Court Of Arbitration For Sport

Namibia Premier League (NPL) chairman Patrick Kauta has withdrawn the case against Namibia Football Association.
Namibia Premier League (NPL) chairman Patrick Kauta has withdrawn his case against Namibia Football Association (NFA) president Ranga Haikali in the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

The chairman has shifted his focus and funds to the NPL's fight against its suspension from the NFA.
Sportfeedo understands Kauta made the decision to withdraw from the case in order to focus on the league case, which he felt he could win. Kauta and another presidential nominee, Mpasi Haingura, had filed a case with the CAS questioning the legality of Haikali's appointment.

In a letter written by Kauta's legal representatives, the chairman requests for the funds he paid to CAS for the appeal – 10 000 CHF (N$ 179 500) – to be transferred to the NPL case against the football association. “We write to inform you that the first appellant (Kauta) hereby withdraws his appeal in this matter,” the letter read. In a brief interview yesterday, Kauta confirmed this. “I have terminated my own case and transferred the funds I paid to the NPL in order for the case proceed,” he said.

The CAS has acknowledged the receipt of the letter and has asked the NPL to formerly write a letter in which it accepts the payment by 1 June. however we understand that Haingura will continue with his case against Haikali.
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