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NRU Cancels Rugby Activities For 2020

Tonga v Namibia - Group C: Rugby World Cup 2015
The Namibia Rugby Union enacted special powers to revoke an earlier council decision, before cancelling all rugby activities for the rest of the year. The NRU announced the decision last Friday, with NRU president Corrie Mensah saying it followed consultations between all the clubs.

“The Namibia Rugby Union wishes to inform all stakeholders that following consultation and discussion with all clubs, it was decided to cancel all rugby activities for the remainder of the 2020 season,” he said. “This was done after a risk assessment on readiness was concluded, taking into consideration the preventative measures and requirements as well as the worrying increase of the Covid-19 pandemic cases in all corners of our country.

The NRU takes the health and wellbeing of athletes as well as supporters very seriously and in the interest of all took this decision,” he added. At its annual general meeting on 27 June, the NRU voted in favour of resuming rugby in August, with a majority of two votes, but on Tuesday Mensah said that most of the clubs had since changed their views. "The problem is that things have changed in the meantime. The majority of clubs changed their viewpoint due to the circumstances of Covid-19, as well as the added pressure to implement the new regulations.

The challenges became too many and too expensive,” he said. "The clubs wanted to hold an extraordinary meeting, but procedurally it was not right. They needed a two-thirds majority which they didn't have, and they had to give a 30-day notice, but only gave eight, so it was unconstitutional. But I nevertheless decided to hold a meeting with them last Thursday. Then I consulted our board and on Friday we issued the press release,” he said. Mensah said they had to enact special powers to revoke their earlier decision and to cancel rugby for the rest of the year.

“The clubs wanted to revoke the decision taken at the AGM, but you can't do that. The council then decided that to revoke the decision we had to act within the constitution so we enacted Article 30(a)1 which gives the board the power to revoke a decision in the best interests of rugby.” Mensah said it was a big blow for him, but called on the players to adhere to the decision. Äs a rugby administrator I feel so empty and dysfunctional, it's as if I can't express myself or do my job.

It's nearly like being retrenched - there is still work to be done, but there is nothing you can do about it,” he said. "My passion for rugby drives me, but now it is being suppressed. I feel sorry for the players who want to play, but they must protect themselves and follow the orders of their clubs,” he said.
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