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Cosmos Ignores Black Africa' Threats

NFA acting secretary general Franco Cosmos. Photo: NAMPA
Black Africa Sports Club's threats to sue the Namibia Football Association and its acting secretary general Franco Cosmos, but Cosmos rubbishing them as an “attention seeking” gimmicks. The Namibia Premier League's management feel Cosmos is disrespectful and unprofessional for entertaining a faction of the fractured club who have pledged allegiance to the under-construction NFA Top Tier League. 

In a press statement, BA interim executive chairman Browny Mutrifa “noted with disdain and discontent” that Cosmos had “accepted a fraudulent letter of an unrecognised person to apply” for consideration to the NFA top flight. Mutrifa claims Cosmos repeatedly ignores communication from BA's management as he is intent on causing “disunity and harm to Black Africa Sports Club and other NPL clubs”. Black Africa are not interested in joining the NFA Top Flight; and have not resigned from the expelled Namibia Premier League, whose endeavour to professionalise football in the country enjoys the backing of the club. 

“Your lack of respect towards our club will not be tolerated and you are cautioned accordingly. We reserve our legal right to take you on in your personal capacity, including the entity you work for in acting capacity for reputation damage of our sports club,” said Mutrifa. He ascended to the club's top position after controversially ousting former interim head Cassius Moetie, who is spearheading those angling for NFA affiliation. The NFA confirmed applications from Young Brazilian, Citizens, Civics, Mighty Gunners, Orlando Pirates, Tigers, Young African, Julinho Sporting, Blue Waters and Black Africa. 

However, Young Brazilian, Blue Waters, Citizens and BA reportedly also support the Business and Intellectual Property Authority-registered NPL, which was formed in response to the NPL losing its NFA membership last month. “We therefore want you to refrain from any further communication that Black Africa Sports Club registered with your purported Top Tier League, which has no constitutional legality and any substantial documents how it will operate,” Mutrifa warned. Cosmos said he would not entertain Mutrifa who should prove that his faction is the legitimate representative of the community owned club. 

“Which one is legitimate? Where were they elected? At what AGM? By whom? For how long? Under which constitution?,” Cosmos queried. “The fact of the matter remains, we received a letter. And we just responded to that letter. This exercise is to apply and after application, we say comply with Article 10 (3) of the NFA statutes,” he continued. “It's for them to prove that they are the legitimate party. “I don't want to respond to them, because I know where they are going. It is just an attention seeking thing. To me they don't exist. 

They are very clear in that letter, that they are aligned with the NPL which does not exist in the eyes of the NFA.” One of the requirements regarding affiliation to the NFA's league is club harmony. This club cohesion must be in the form of “minutes of its last congress, annual general meeting or constitutional meeting”. Additionally, clubs will be required to submit their constitution, a declaration that they would adhere to NFA, Cosafa, CAF and Fifa decisions and regulations, and would settle disputes within the prescribed structures only. 

They must also pay an unspecified membership fee. “It doesn't mean that when we receive an application form, that you are automatically admitted. You need to comply with Article 10. Once you have complied, we can admit you,” Cosmos said. “People who wrote to us came to collect the forms. But I repeat, collecting the form does not mean you are in.”
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