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Meet Man United Lindelof’s Wife

Lindelof and Nilsson, pictured at an Adele concert, married last summer Credit: Instagram
Meet Manchester United star Victor Lindelof’s blogger wife Maja Nilsson who he once ‘drugged to play Call of Duty’. Sure, she's got the posy bikini body snaps from white sandy beaches across the globe, regularly uploaded to her Instagram page alongside selfies with hubby and Manchester United star Victor Lindelof. 

But the Swedish blonde has much more to her than that. As well as working as an expert in marketing, Lindelof's wife is a blogger, a writer with a touch of humour in her pen, and hosts her own podcast. And it was on that platform in 2017, not long after Lindelof had signed for United, that Nilsson called out her husband's employers. Speaking on the aptly named podcast 'Life in the Stands', she explained: "Players have the option to rent a box.

Nilsson also has her own podcast called Life in the Stands Credit: Instagram
"I'm not even going to tell you for how much, but a disgusting amount. If you don't buy one, you're considered a loser. "But having a box is wonderful. You get your own waiter." Nilsson's criticism at United may also stem from her love of Lindelof's former club Benfica. 

When the Swedish centre-back left for Old Trafford, he posted a message to social media to thank all the fans of the Portuguese club.And so did Nilsson. She wrote: "You are truly amazing and I am so happy that you were the ones teaching me what true fans and love for a club really means.

Nilsson regularly takes the mickey out of Lindelof on social media. Credit: Instagram
"Thank you for all of your unconditional love and for letting us borrow your amazing city Lisboa for these past years." During their first year in Manchester, Lindelof experienced plenty of criticism from fans as he struggled to fit in.And even at home he couldn't escape it. Nilsson exposed his mistake when Lindelof, given responsibility of ordering a mattress for their new bed, got the measurements wrong.

But that wasn't the best anecdote Nilsson told her 57,000 Twitter followers. Maja captioned the images with a post in Swedish which translates to: "I do not know what to write for text for a picture of his newborn son. "But here you have it, the best event of life captured in two pictures."
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