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NPL Supports Independent Committee

Namibia Premier League CEO Harald Fülle. Photo: NAMPA
The Namibia Premier League has expressed its support for the independent mediating body that was appointed last week to try to solve Namibian football's problems. NPL CEO Harald Fülle on Sunday issued a press release saying that they supported the six-person committee that was announced by minister of sport Agnes Tjongarero last week.

“The Namibia Premier League welcomes the decision by the honourable minister to appoint, based on the provisions of chapter 6, article 40 (a) of the Namibian Constitution read in conjunction with Section 14 of the Namibia Sport Act 12 of 2003, a committee to independently and impartially mitigate the current impasse in Namibian football,” it stated.

“The Namibia Premier League will render its support to the committee in its very daunting and challenging task, and welcomes the opportunity to present to this independent committee its factual case, including the rationale for the application to the Namibia Sports Commission for registration as a Professional Football League in terms of Section 26 of the Namibia Sports Act,” it added, saying: “the Namibia Premier League remains hopeful that this intervention will find an amicable long lasting solution for all stakeholders and football in Namibia.”
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