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Grunewald Is New Acting CEO Of Namibia Rugby Union

Theo Grunewald (left) is congratulated by NRU vice president Walter Don, while president Corrie Mensah looks on. Photo: Helge Schütz
Former national player Theo Grunewald has been appointed as the interim CEO of the Namibia Rugby Union. Grunewald, a former rugby player, who played fly half and fullback for the old South West Africa, as well as for an independent Namibia, holds a BA physical education degree as well as a higher education diploma. 

After independence he worked for the Namibia Sport Council and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where he served as a diplomat in India, Russia, China and India and South Africa. He was also an assistant coach for the national rugby team and said his experience in the game would come to good stead. Ï'm very exited to join the NRU and I believe the experience gained in my career in the management of people and the control of funds will be beneficial to the NRU, which I will be marketing now,” he said at a press conference on Friday. 

Ï'm very impressed with the dynamic team at the NRU and am certain that as a team we can reach our goals,” he added. The president of the NRU, Corrie Mensah gave Groenewald his full support.“The NRU has absolute confidence in Grunewald's ability to perform his duties and assures him of our utmost support,” he said. Mensah said that Grunewald's appointment was initially just for a six-month period after which the position will be reassessed. 

“World Rugby also has a say in the appointment of strategic staff members because they are funding the salaries. We will give him a chance to prove himself over six months and then we can hopefully offer him a full time contract,” he said, adding that their objective is to empower Namibians in all positions. “We participated at our sixth consecutive World Cup last year, but mostly had foreign coaches and technical staff, who all left after the World Cup with the result that there was no legacy program. 

So we cannot keep on employing foreigners - we must empower Namibians and provide them with opportunities,” he said. At the same occasion, the NRU vice president for governance, Walter Don, provided its stakeholders with an updated report on governance to ensure transparency in its operations. “This is also part of our efforts to rid the NRU of negativity around its brand and to ensure that we communicate in an open and honest way about the affairs of the NRU,” he said. 

The chairperson of the NRU's audit and risk committee, Julia Shipahu presented a financial overview, and stated that the NRU had made an operating loss of N$632 633 for the period ending December 2019, compared to a loss of N$105 853 the previous year. Namibia Rugby Limited company recorded a loss of N$14 527 compared to a profit of N$1 687 071 the previous year, but Mensah noted that the company had since become dormant and that all rugby activities are now functioning under the leadership and governance of the NRU. 

Mensah also reiterated that there will be no rugby for the rest of the year due to Covid-19. “We issued a press release earlier this year saying there will be no more rugby this year, and we stick by that. The current conditions are not conducive to rugby and the clubs are now also crippled financially due to Covid-19. It's too challenging for them to comply with all the conditions to play rugby, while the restriction of 50 people at an event, will also make it impossible” he said.
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