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Namibian e-Sport Heading To Israel

Namibian qualified for the Esports World Championship over the weekend.
The world watched on Friday and Saturday as the Namibian team took on neighbours South Africa online in the southern African regional tournament for a ticket to the finals in Eilat, Israel, next year. Namibia secured spots in both Tekken 7 and Dota 2. Unfortunately, and despite adding to the fierce competition, Namibia's eFootball PES athlete lost out by the narrowest of margins.

In Dota2, Namibia will be represented by Franlo 'FreyTiX' Meyer, Mauro 'PoRRa07' Teles, Jurgen 'Phycodamage' Teichert, Paul 'APoC' Bingel and Stiaan 'Iceman' van der Merwe (captain).

Matias 'Kandali' Fillemon made the grade in Tekken 7. “The Namibian Electronic Sports Association would like to sincerely thank all the sponsors involved, Logitech G, Future CC and Vander Designs, as well as all the volunteers who tirelessly work to promote e-sport in Namibia,” Nesa said in a statement.

The International Esports Federation's (IESF) flagship event is the only major e-sport tournament featuring national teams this year, with approximately 60 nations set to participate.

Three of the key games for the 2020 World Championship will be DOTA 2, an online battle arena video game, eFootball PES 2020 and fighting arcade game Tekken. Finalists from each region and title will be patched to the finals offline in Eilat.

The IEFS expanded the format for this year's world championship. Stage one of the new format began in July until September when national members of the IESF host a team selection process to determine their representatives at the world championships.

The second stage of the new format are the online regional competitions between October and November to narrow the international field to a select group of e-sport players, who will go forward to the world championship global finals.

The regions where qualifiers are taking place are Europe, South Asia, Southeast Asia, East Asia, Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia, South America, North America, Central America and southern Africa.

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