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Stefanos Tsitsipas Lauded By Tennis Great

Stefanos Tsitsipas - Tennis News
Stefanos Tsitsipas at Roland Garros October 22, 2020 Stefanos Tsitsipas, Tennis News “He plays tennis the right way” Stefanos Tsitsipas lauded by tennis great.

“He plays tennis the right way” 

Going to be very difficult to beat” Ivan Lendl, the retired Czech-American professional tennis player has described Stefanos Tsitsipas as long as the young star can become more consistent he will take over the tennis championship from the retiring heroes. Ivan Lendl has mentioned both Stefanos Tsitsipas and Dennis Shapovalov as two young players that have the right game to take over from the Big 3 in the future. 

Lendl was speaking on the Craig Shapiro Tennis Podcast when he said, “Tsitsipas plays tennis the right way, and there are a coupe of young guys who play like this including Dennis Shapovalov” “As soon as they get experience and they stop making to many errors they are going to be very difficult to beat. 

I thought before the French Open semi finals that the Djokovic vs Tsitsipas match had the potential to be close but Tsitsipas could not handle it physically. I was surprised Novak lost the 4th set because Tsitsipas was already struggling physically “. Ivan Lendl reached 18 Grand Slam singles finals in his career and amassed over $21m of prize money winning 96 titles along the way.

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